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Rediscovering Meaning in Our Work: physician discussion group

According to a study at Mayo Clinic published in JAMA, physicians who participated in facilitated physician discussion groups every other week over a period of 9 months reported increased empowerment and engagement at work.

In addition, the number of participants strongly agreeing that their work was meaningful increased, while rates of depersonalization, emotional exhaustion and overall burnout decreased.

In response to studies highlighting the value of ongoing physician discussion groups - as well as interest from physicians attending our Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work conference and workshops, we are now offering Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work physician discussion groups in Boise.

Each month, we will meet to explore some of the issues facing physicians, connect with other members of our physician community and investigate new research and opportunities.

Please join us for freshly brewed coffee and tea and relaxed conversations with peers.  You are welcome to participate whenever it is convenient.

If you would like to join us, please contact Dr. Deb Roman for directions.