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Facing Cancer Without Fear

A workshop for people diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends

For people facing cancer and other serious illnesses, one of the greatest obstacles to health and well-being is fear.
A young woman facing aggressive lymphoma wrote: “Suddenly you find yourself in a place which was previously unimaginable — or at the very least undesirable — for you or anyone else.”

While we may feel that fear is a justified response to a diagnosis of cancer, current research at major medical centers around the world provides evidence that emotions like fear and hopelessness negatively impact the functioning of our immune system.

Even more, scientific studies reveal that as we learn to respond to challenging situations with less fear, we enhance the functioning of our immune system and experience measurable improvement in our physical, mental and emotional health.

We welcome you to join us as we explore ways to face cancer and other serious illnesses while promoting health and well-being.