Patient Consultations

I work as a family physician with a focus on enhancing the body's inherent ability to heal and express health.

With attention to each individual's unique experience, I work in partnership with patients to identify and address the source of their symptoms and explore ways to ease stress and enhance vitality.  

As studies and research by leading medical institutions have identified new ways to assess a person’s state of health and enhance healing, I have integrated advanced training in nutrition, mindful practice, biodynamic osteopathy and integrative medicine into my work.

I invite you to schedule a personal consultation to address your unique circumstances and specific health considerations. 

Consultations are relaxed and generally scheduled for 90 minutes.  A sliding scale is available. Please contact Dr. Deb Roman directly if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Video and telephone consultations are also available for your convenience.


Dr. Roman is a rare and remarkable healing professional that I recommend with the highest degree of confidence.  

The positive results I experienced after a few sessions to address chronic fatigue exceeded my hopes.  The fact that the initial results became the ‘trailhead’ for what is now over five years of sustained deep wellness have made the process all the more rewarding. 

Dr. Roman’s commitment to my health and well being built a level of trust that has led to her providing treatment for my teen age children as they learn to balance their health through everything from allergies and colds to varsity level sports injuries.  

Most importantly, Deb has helped my family learn to listen deeply to what our symptoms are revealing about our thoughts, activities and decisions and to take the appropriate action to move back to full health.  

These are precious lessons that have enhanced my ability to enjoy a very active life (skiing, backpacking, cycling, sports coaching, making a living) and are lessons that will continue to support my children’s health throughout their life. 

Dr. Roman is more than our family doctor, she is a trusted partner in our family’s well being. — Jay G.

I initially contacted Dr. Roman seeking relief from a pain in my right arm that had been aching significantly for several months. Additionally, I was experiencing lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain and some problems with my right knee. 

After treatment, the pain in my arm gradually subsided until it no longer was evident to any degree. In addition, I no longer experienced the back or sciatic symptoms. With continued treatments, my knee ailments also unexpectedly disappeared.  

I can also report that my general well being has improved.  I have a higher level of energy, suffer fewer ailments such as colds, etc. and recover from them more quickly when they do occur.  

Other issues have also been enhanced -  digestion, sleep and ease of movement.  Even my golf game has been positively affected. 

I have referred a number of family members and friends to Dr. Roman and they report the same successful results as I.

I find Dr. Roman to be remarkably accepting, compassionate, non-judgmental and resourceful.  She makes recommendations to me and allows me to choose which I am willing to follow without imparting any guilty feelings.  

I feel fortunate that she was recommended to me and I wholeheartedly recommend her to you.

Carl R.

I have known Dr. Debra Sheinbach Roman for approximately ten years.  She has provided medical advice and treatment for me, my daughter and my son for various health-related issues during this time. 

Dr. Roman’s level of professionalism has always been outstanding.  We have always found her recommendations to be appropriate, helpful, informative and accurate.  Over the years, the knowledge we have gained from Dr. Roman has been invaluable and irreplaceable.  

Dr. Roman’s services provide us with the knowledge, expertise, and medical advice that we need from an integrative medicine perspective and play a vital role in our family’s health management.

 Cyndi G.