Collaborative Physician Well-Being Initiatives


Physician Wellness CME Program -  Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association (IOPA): 

As Director of Physician Wellness and Chair of Continuing Medical Education for the Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association, I developed an innovative, comprehensive physician wellness curriculum, with interactive workshops and physician conferences.  In collaboration with IOPA's Executive Director, Ms. Suzanne Frederick, and with support from the IOPA executive board, this program was implemented in Idaho.

Ms. Frederick also serves as an administrative conference consultant for our Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work physician conferences.


Physician Vitality Initiative - Ada County Medical Society (ACMS)

I serve as one of the founding members of the ACMS Physician Wellness Committee. Our committee developed The Physician Vitality Initiative - a progressive program that offers a confidential counseling service as well as a myriad of resources to physicians.

An ACMS Physician Vitality Dinner Lecture Series will be offered in 2018.  ACMS and IOPA are co-sponsoring Dr. Colin West's visit for the Culture of Wellness lecture in the dinner series.  


Physician Retreats and Professional Coaching -  Wellness for Doctors

I contribute as a co-teacher for physician wellness retreats and professional coach for physicians.  I collaborate with Dr. Michael Amster, Founder of Wellness for Doctors, on physician wellness initiatives.