Collaborative Physician Well-Being Initiatives


Physician Wellness CME Program -  Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association (IOPA): 

As Director of Physician Wellness and Chair of Continuing Medical Education for the Idaho Osteopathic Physicians Association, Dr. Deb Roman developed an innovative, comprehensive physician wellness curriculum, with interactive workshops and physician conferences.  With support from IOPA’s Executive Board, this program was implemented in Idaho.


Physician Vitality Initiative - Ada County Medical Society (ACMS)

Dr. Deb Roman serves as one of the founding members of the ACMS Physician Wellness Committee. This committee developed The Physician Vitality Initiative - a progressive program that offers a confidential counseling service as well as a myriad of resources to physicians.

Mindfulness and Meditation Group - Dr. Abhilash Desai and Dr. Deb Roman co-facilitate a mindfulness and meditation group. This group has been organized for Ada County Medical Society members and meets every two weeks to explore mindfulness and meditation practice with physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and medical school students.

Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative

The Idaho Physician Well-Being Action Collaborative is a group of local physicians, healthcare system executives, insurance company executives and other professionals who meet every two months to build relationships, view healthcare issues from diverse perspectives, and identify and implement specific, actionable initiatives that enable physicians to provide high quality, compassionate patient care with health and vitality. Dr. Deb Roman organized this group and serves as facilitator; she shares research and updates, invites speakers/consultants to contribute and develops written summaries of the group’s progress.

Our first project: to identify ways to simplify medication prior-authorization by providing physicians with patient-specific prior-authorization capability via electronic medical records at the time of service. 

If you would like to join us, please contact Deb Roman.

Capital Coalition for Physician Well-Being

With the national Charter for Physician Well-Being as the standard, Dr. Deb Roman has joined a small team of physicians and administrators to create and develop the Capital Coalition for Physician Well-Being. We invite local healthcare systems and organizations to join the national Charter for Physician Well-Being and implement the guiding principles and key commitments. Our group also organizes and distributes a list of statewide efforts in alignment with this national charter.


Physician Retreats and Professional Coaching -  Wellness for Doctors

Dr. Michael Amster, Founder of Wellness for Doctors, organizes retreats for healthcare professionals. Dr. Deb Roman contributes as a co-teacher for physician wellness retreats and as a professional coach for physicians.  She also collaborates with Dr. Michael Amster on physician wellness initiatives.