Our Team of Physician Advocates 


Deb Roman, D.O.

Dr. Deb Roman is the Founder and Director of Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work, a consulting and educational program focused on enhancing the health and well being of physicians and medical school students. We offer workshops, conferences, presentations, individual and organizational consultations and discussion groups.


Jerry Sheinbach, M.P.S

In addition to many years of experience in healthcare policy and administration, Jerry has published articles and commentaries in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun and other magazines and newspapers. As a long-time consultant and editor for all of our programs, he contributes to our conference and workshop curriculum, develops presentations and creates custom program materials.

Conference Collaborators

Andrea R. Kurz, D.O., M.H.Ed.

As a family physician with experience in a myriad of healthcare settings and a Master’s Degree in Health Education, Dr. Andi Kurz has a broad understanding of the complicated issues affecting our physician community. She uses her expertise to develop conference surveys, organize conference technology and create resources for physicians.

Bessie Katsilometes, Ph.D.

Dr. Bessie Katsilometes, former Dean of Idaho State University-Meridian and Idaho State University-Boise, has served in a myriad of leadership positions in Idaho. She is sincerely committed to strengthening relationships and enhancing the well-being of our communities. Bessie serves as a consultant for our conference program and invites participation by community members and sponsors.

Chris Peine, D.O.

Chris is a practicing family physician with a sincere interest in physician well-being. He serves as a consultant for our conference program, participates in our workshops and conferences, and shares information with physicians on creating an independent medical practice.

Amy Baruch, M.D.

Amy is a practicing emergency room physician who is actively involved in physician well-being initiatives.  She contributes to the development of conference programs for healthcare professionals and brings her expertise in nutrition to conference participants.

Grace Coughlin

Grace is studying to be a physician and is interested in deepening her understanding of the complex issues in healthcare. She visits local medical practices and community businesses to increase awareness about issues faced by physicians, organizes conference materials, explores innovative ways to advertise and handles a variety of responsibilities at our conferences.

Jessica Roman

Jess serves as an administrative assistant for our program. She contributes to program curriculum development, helps create conference materials, invites participation from local businesses and addresses a myriad of details at our workshops and conferences.


Joe is an accomplished musician. He often joins us to play world flute and saxophone between educational sessions and during the social events at our conferences.


Brittany McConnell

Brittany is an experienced yoga teacher and musician. She often contributes by offering conference participants opportunities to explore simple yoga practices during our events.

Community Contributors

Idaho Dance Theater: a non-profit arts organization - contributes live dance performances

Jete Nutritional Energy Bars: contributes delicious, healthy snacks

Olivia Hilton Art: contributes unique artwork created specifically for individual events

Idaho Jasper Coffee: contributes freshly roasted coffee from inspired local baristas

Angelo Roman Photography: contributes images to highlight our shared experiences