Angelo Roman © 2015

Angelo Roman © 2015

Redefining Health

View health from different perspectives

Health is often equated with the absence of disease and control of key indicators such as blood sugar and blood pressure. A patient is considered healthy if they do not exhibit any signs or symptoms of injury or disease.

From a different perspective, health is a dynamic state of balance, a reflection of the coordinated functioning of the interrelated organs and cells in our bodies, and self-healing systems that are functioning effectively.

Please join us as we explore ways that our definition of health impacts medical practice and research as well as our opportunities for healing.


Facing Cancer With Less Fear

Angelo Roman © 2015

Angelo Roman © 2015

A workshop for people diagnosed with cancer, their families and friends

For people facing cancer and other serious illnesses, one of the greatest obstacles to health and well-being is fear.
A young woman facing aggressive lymphoma wrote: “Suddenly you find yourself in a place which was previously unimaginable — or at the very least undesirable — for you or anyone else.”

While we may feel that fear is a justified response to a diagnosis of cancer, current research at major medical centers around the world provides evidence that emotions like fear and hopelessness negatively impact the functioning of our immune system.

Even more, scientific studies reveal that as we learn to respond to challenging situations with less fear, we enhance the functioning of our immune system and experience measurable improvement in our physical, mental and emotional health.

I welcome you to join us as we explore ways to face cancer and other serious illnesses while promoting health and well-being.


"Being with Deb is like taking a long deep breath. My family of men (hubby, two young adult sons and me) took Deb's workshop to help us cope with the fear we had around my husband's diagnosis. She taught us to nurture our own health first before we offer help to my husband/their dad. I highly recommend Deb's workshop as a first stop in a cancer journey! I was utterly amazed at how it helped my young sons find peace at such a challenging time. A mom's dream come true." — Rochelle D.


Angelo Roman © 2015

Angelo Roman © 2015

Finding Health at the Confluence of Science and Stillness

A study of the science of health and mindful practice

A confluence is a coming together, a meeting.

Current scientific research reveals that as we expand our awareness and calm our mind, we strengthen the functioning of our body’s systems, organs and cells, and experience improved health and an enhanced quality of life, even when dealing with challenging medical issues.

Practices that facilitate health and healing by bringing attention to our state of mind are the focus of cutting edge medical research and are being integrated into evolving healthcare models and educational programs at leading institutions around the world.

I invite you to join us as we explore the confluence of health, science and stillness.


During the course of study, I learned to slow down my thoughts and pay attention to what I was doing.  I also learned that the mundane need not be boring and to use routine activities as time to focus my thoughts and quiet my mind. 

The opening meditations were wonderful and easy to repeat at home.  I found the presentation of scientific research which supported the practices to be fascinating.  

Our class was a combination of people who varied greatly in their experience with mindfulness and meditation and Dr. Roman did an excellent job of making it meaningful to all.  This was definitely time well spent!  — Kelli L.


Angelo Roman © 2015

Angelo Roman © 2015

tiny minds, Huge Hearts

A playful exploration of health, mindfulness and breath for children

Children often reveal the essence of mindfulness as they effortlessly live in the present moment, expressing authenticity and love.

Yet, many children are exhibiting signs and symptoms of stress.

In our day camps, we teach children simple and playful ways to calm their minds, breathe more fully and nourish their health.

Studies show that as children practice in this way, inflammatory diseases such as asthma improve, immune function is strengthened, attention and focus are enhanced and confidence and peacefulness are experienced.

Half day, one day and multiple day camps are scheduled throughout the year.

I am also available to come to your location and develop a program specifically for you.


"We were so fortunate to have Dr. Deb as our guest speaker for the 1st meeting of the Kif Brown Foundation's Kids Club.  She talked with a group of about 13 kids ranging in age from 4 to 14 and was able to engage with them and keep their attention for almost an hour! 

She provided important details about being mindful and taking the time to breathe correctly. We would be honored to have her speak at any event that we hold!"  — Dawn B. and Sarah U.




Being Breathed: Uncovering Stillness

Ongoing Practice and Small Group Mentorship

Individuals who are interested in an in-depth study of mindful practice and meditation on an ongoing basis in order to integrate these practices more consistently into their work and lives are welcome to join us for this small group workshop in Boise.

Every 4-6 weeks, we come together to explore new ideas, perspectives and research. The class is relaxed, interactive and experiential.

Participants have taken one of our courses or have worked individually with me.  If you feel that you would like to join us, please contact me.


"Deb’s classes have helped me deepen my understanding of mindful practice and incorporate practices into my everyday life.  I always leave class feeling refreshed and renewed and have a new goal to work towards for the next class.  I am amazed by the shifts and growth that I have seen in myself and my life throughout the years as I have worked with her, both in class and individually."  — Shannon H.


Angelo Roman © 2015

Angelo Roman © 2015

Unwind Your Mind

Teens rediscovering health and peace of mind

This relaxed and interactive workshop is designed for teens who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

The links between elevated levels of stress and health issues like headaches, irritable bowel, panic attacks, depression, addiction and asthma are well established.

Current medical research reveals that as we learn to unwind our mind, concentration and memory are enhanced, anxiety and depression decrease, and physical health is improved.  

With even short periods of practice, we can even change the structure and function of our brain.

Please join us as we come together to explore different ways to enhance to maneuver through the demands of the teenage years with health and a peaceful state of mind. Apps included!


Angelo Roman © 2015

Angelo Roman © 2015

Catching Our Breath

A workplace pause focused on breath and mindful practice

I invite you to pause during your work day to catch your breath and nourish your health.

We meet you at your work place to explore breathing and mindful health practices.

Current scientific research reveals that these practices improve focus and memory, enhance emotional well being, facilitate healing and strengthen physical health.

I offer both individual and small group sessions.

Please let me know if you would like to arrange a one time workshop or schedule classes on a weekly or monthly basis.


Angelo Roman © 2016

Angelo Roman © 2016

The Bottom Line

A mindfulness workshop for corporate executives and employees

The demands of the corporate environment are leading to high levels of stress and burnout in the business community.

The health and enthusiasm of the individuals responsible for creating and implementing innovative initiatives is integral to the success of a business.

Chronic stress leads to atrophy of areas of the brain responsible for memory, attention and executive function, consequences that compel us to find solutions.

Mindful practices can reverse the structural and functional effects of chronic stress, increase mental clarity and focus, enhance memory and emotional resilience, reduce anxiety and strengthen health.

I offer an interactive curriculum on mindful practice to enhance the health and well being of your corporate community.  Both individualized, private instruction and small group classes can be scheduled.


As Director of Health and Well Being for Flow Aquatics Swim School, I work closely with company executives to develop and integrate a wellness program in alignment with their organizational vision.  I offer monthly workshops and individual consultations to explore nutrition, mindful practice, yoga and other approaches to ease stress and enhance health.