Mindful Medicine

An in-depth exploration of mindful approaches to health and healing

Mindful medicine recognizes the impact of our state of awareness on health and healing.

Medical research reveals a myriad of health benefits, including strengthening our immune and nervous systems and decreasing inflammation and pain, when mindful medicine is practiced.

Mindful practice has also been shown to increase mental clarity, memory, emotional resilience and our overall sense of happiness and well being.

Our Mindful Medicine course includes 6 workshops scheduled at monthly intervals, offering you the opportunity to integrate principles and practices into your life and work as new information is introduced.

Some of the topics we will explore together are:

  1. Redefining Health
  2. Mindful Practice: insights from neuroscience 
  3. Managing Fear When Facing A Serious Illness
  4. Empathy, Compassion and Health
  5. Meaning, Purpose and Well Being
  6. Listening: Intuition and Healing

I welcome you to join us.



Thank you to Dr Roman for offering a course on Mindful Medicine.   Most of us move through our days too quickly and find ourselves exhausted by the end of it.  That was my story and I knew I needed to change.  During the course of study, I learned to slow down my thoughts and pay attention to what I was doing.  I also learned that the mundane need not be boring and to use routine activities as time to focus my thoughts and quiet my mind. 

The classes were scheduled several weeks apart, which allowed time to practice the techniques and to absorb the content.  The opening meditations were wonderful and easy to repeat at home.  I found the presentation of scientific research which supported the practices to be fascinating.  

Our class was a combination of people who varied greatly in their experience with mindfulness and meditation and Dr. Roman did an excellent job of making it meaningful to all.  This was definitely time well spent!  — Kelli L.